Spring Gardening

After enduring a few winter storms and withstanding heavy snowfall, we are officially ready to welcome spring weather! With our 5+ years experience in landscaping design and lawn maintenance, our team of highly skilled professionals have put together a list to assist you on your journey to spring gardening. Here’s a checklist that breaks down the tasks to ensure you accomplish everything.

Spring Gardening, spring gardener

Spring Gardening Checklist:

  1. Control the environment: Keep it clean and green by removing any trash, dead leaves, and weeds from your garden beds. For instance, this will lessen the likelihood of disease and pest infestation.
  2. Enrich your grounds: Prepare your soil by adding compost or other organic waste. Certainly, this will increase the soil’s fertility and structure to give your plants a favourable growing environment.
  3. Make a small investment: Buy seedlings from a nursery or start your seeds indoors. After all, this is a fantastic way to start your spring garden early and make sure you get the plants you desire.
  4. Design your space: Plant your garden, allowing each plant enough room to grow and spacing them out according to their mature size.  After planting, give them plenty of water; in addition, mulch the area around the plants to keep moisture in.
  5. Trim to groom: Remove any dead or overgrown trees and bushes. Moreover, pruning them will promote healthy growth.
  6. Maximize with what you’ve got: Any overgrown perennials should be divided, then replanted. Likewise, this will revive the plants and contribute to their continued flourishing.
  7. Set up your watering systems: Install or repair sprinklers, drip irrigation, fountains, and other water features. By doing this, you can assist guarantee that your plants get enough water during the growing season.
  8. Nurture your plants: Use a high-quality, slow-release fertilizer to fertilize your plants. Therefore, this will assist in giving them the nutrition they require to develop a full healthy growth.

You’ll be well on your way to developing a lovely and abundant garden that you can enjoy all season long if you follow the items on your spring gardening to-do list. Call us at 647.222.2630 and have our team assist you with your garden. Bring into life the design you’ve been wanting to have and enjoy the outdoors this season!

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