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Landscape installation, sod installation, GTA’s premium commercial and residential landscaping and property maintenance services IN MISSISSAUGA, BURLINGTON, ETOBICOKE & OAKVILLE

Expert Landscape Installation and Maintenance Services

At Oakly Landscape Design & Maintenance, we specialize in transforming your outdoor spaces into stunning and sustainable environments. Our comprehensive landscape installation and maintenance services cater to both residential and commercial properties. From initial design to regular upkeep, our team uses the latest techniques and highest quality materials to ensure your landscape thrives year-round. Whether it’s installing vibrant sod, crafting custom garden layouts, or providing meticulous maintenance, we are committed to enhancing the beauty and value of your property.

meet our team

Mohamed Fayadh - Founder & Estimator

The founder of Oakly Landscaping, Mohamed, with a solid foundation in Project Management, is the "Mastermind of Manifestation." His visionary leadership drives the essence of excellence that runs through the veins of our operations. Mohamed's skill in combining smart management with creative landscaping not only makes us unique but ensures our clients' visions come to life effortlessly from plan to reality.

Aboud Alasadi - Office Manager

Aboud is a student at McMaster University studying Civil and Management Engineering. We consider him the "Maestro of Management." Aboud ensures smooth operations behind the scenes, and his attention to detail keeps us on track and our clients satisfied.

Mauricio Tlaxaca - Site Manager

Hailing from Mexico and a proud father to two lovely girls, Mauricio is our "Craftsman of Quality." His tireless dedication ensures every project is executed to the highest standard, reflecting the epitome of landscaping excellence. Mauricio's hard work not only elevates our creations but leaves our clients in awe every time.




Improve your home with our affordable landscaping services right here in Mississauga and surrounding areas. We’re all about providing high-quality landscape installation services, including expert sod installation. Our crew’s dedication to turning your outdoor space into a beautiful and practical landscape. Whether you are looking for a neat curb appeal or to create an inviting backyard, our professional landscaping services in Mississauga are here to make your vision a reality

Boost your business’s curb appeal with our budget-friendly landscaping solutions! We specialize in commercial landscaping right here in Mississauga and neighboring areas, offering sod installation and thorough property maintenance. Our experts will make sure your outdoor space showcases your business in the best way. With our sod replacement service, we’ll renovate your landscape, making your business stand out with our professional landscaping services.

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Jobs In Progress

We’ve got you covered when it comes to fixing those pesky problems. Our expert team will excavate the soil, add top-of-the-line piping, and transform your outdoor space into a water-friendly oasis. No more soggy lawns or waterlogged gardens! Get ready to enjoy a dry and beautiful landscape. 💧💪

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making some fixes to the front of the house including redoing the garden bed and fixing draining issues 🚧
Another day another project in the making 🌳

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✨Clean up season is our favourite time of the year ✨

It’s never too late to get your spring clean up. We are one email away.
Got the crew here hammering down and on full send! This is one of the properties that we maintain all year around, making sure everything is as planed and the upkeep of this property is done the right way and the oakly way 🌳
The stunning beauty of this home is a sight to behold. From the meticulously manicured lawn to the charming front porch, every detail exudes elegance and charm.

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landscape installation

landscape installation

Elevate Your Outdoors with Our

Unveil the beauty of your surroundings with Oakly Landscaping’s impeccable landscape installation services. Our team of seasoned professionals brings years of expertise to every project, ensuring that your outdoor vision comes to life in breathtaking detail. Experience the transformation of your space into a captivating masterpiece, where nature and design harmoniously coexist.

Achieve the picture-perfect lawn you’ve always dreamed of through our premium sod installation solutions. Looking for “sod installation near me”? Look no further. Our meticulous attention to detail, combined with locally sourced top-tier materials, guarantees a lush and inviting lawn that stands as a testament to both beauty and functionality.

Searching for the finest sod installation near me? Oakly Landscaping is your local destination for turning your outdoor dreams into a vibrant reality. Our team’s regional expertise ensures the selection of the most suitable sod varieties, tailored to thrive in our unique climate. Witness your space come alive with a vibrant touch that sets your property apart.

Beyond the initial transformation, we continue to be your reliable partners in landscape and patio installation and maintenance. Our commitment extends to nurturing the landscapes we create. From seasonal adjustments to routine care, our comprehensive maintenance services sustain the vitality of your outdoor haven, making sure it remains a source of joy and admiration.

At Oakly Landscaping, our journey begins with an experienced team of dedicated skilled workers, each bringing their unique expertise to elevate your space. We are committed to providing personalized services that respect your unique preferences in every design decision. With a focus on quality work, we dedicate passion and precision into every project, ensuring results that exceed your imagination.

Experience seamless communication and unmatched customer service, where your satisfaction is paramount. As a firm believer in the importance of excellent client relationships, Oakly Landscaping maintains an open dialogue, readily answering queries and providing updates. We understand that exceptional customer service, like our breathtaking landscapes, is an art form in itself.

Elevate your outdoors with Oakly Landscaping’s fusion of creativity, expertise, and care. Contact us today and embark on a journey to transform your outdoor space into a realm of natural splendor.

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