Professional Interlocking Installation in MISSISSAUGA, OAKVILLE, BURLINGTON & ETOBICOKE, ON

Are you ready for an outdoor transformation? Our expert patio contractors bring dreams to life with precision interlock installation, ensuring enduring beauty.


Transform your outdoor space with our skilled interlocking specialist. We specialize in installing patio stones pavers, creating visually stunning and durable patios. Trust our skilled team to improve your living area with customized solutions for beautiful and long-lasting outdoor environments. We specialize in paving your dream landscaping project and bringing it to reality.

About the service

Our team helps homeowners transform their outdoor spaces and provide custom landscape solutions. We ensure a smooth customer experience through providing efficient administrative and operational procedures, showcasing our commitment to professionalism at every level. All of our work is backed with a 1-3 years warranty on our installs. 

Service Process

Prior to start digging our team ensures the following:

1- Utility check for any underground utilities.

2- The designated area is marked

3- Cover existing interlocking or landscape by plywood to avoid damaging the ground.

Excavate 8-13 inches to install the base and the stone. This varies depending on the scope of work.

The sub base gets compacted to ensure stability and minimize sinking issues.

  • Supply and installation of Geo-tech landscape fabric to separate base with sub-grade surface.
  • Supply and installation of 3-4" of clear gravel that forms as a base. Allowing easy water flow.
  • Supply and install High-Performance Polypropylene (HPP) for precise leveling

  • Selection varies based on preference. Driveways have a special type of stone that is thicker than the original walkway/patio. That is due to more live load such as lars.
  • Selected stones will be installed on a perfectly leveled base using a laser level, ensuring your new interlock project is done right and lasts a lifetime.

Two options when it comes to steps. Natural steps come with 4’ or 6’. Second option is build up steps. This can be customized with desired dimensions.

This is the last step in sealing up your project. This sand goes in between all the interlock gaps and hardens after applying water. This locks everything and comes with 3 different colors. Compacting the sand after spreading the polly sand is essential to ensure sand is fully in and filled between the gabs.

Prior to leaving the site, our team ensures the following:

1- Go over all notes and corrections to ensure your vision has been finalize

2- Ensure the site is cleaner than it was

3- Drop a care package that includes all instructions on how to maintain new landscape and warranty




The duration varies based on the project size and complexity. On average, a patio installation takes about one to two weeks.

Certainly! Interlock pavers are designed to resist diverse weather conditions, ensuring durability. Treated Salt during the winter months is crucial to ensure a long standing project.

All interlock installations done by Oakly landscaping come with a 1-2 year warranty depending on the scope of the project.

It is recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the pavers including Power wash, Sweep sand to fill in the gaps and remove the weeds in between the pavers. Book your maintenance visit with us ( insert contact us click in)

Absolutely! We offer consultations to discuss your installation needs, assess the designated area, and customize to fit your preferences and requirements. Our promise is to provide a top notch service starting with the customer service to the completion of the project.

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